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When selecting a timber frame supplier you should always consider the following factors. Time scale, efficiency, material choice and safety. At Timber Kits Scotland we promise to address each of these considerations in the strictest manner to ensure client satisfaction and peace of mind.


For developers we appreciate that time is money and we always aim to meet our client's program of works. At Timber Kits Scotland promise to have a quote turned around within 5 working days. After the design is finalised and terms and conditions have been accepted your timber kit can be manufactured within 3 days depending on size.


We promise to carry out all works in the most efficient way in order to minimise costs for clients and reduce time spent on site. By pre-manufacturing the panels in our purpose built factory we ensure that all works are carried out at optimum capacity. Our machinery is computer programmed direct from our design software which minimises human error when cutting timbers. All our factory worker are skilled joiners and all input to the design and can contribute to finding solutions for any problems. On-site the roof is built on the ground, this makes it easy for joiners to position and sheet roof trusses as there is no need for scaffold and they are not working from height. On a standard 3 bed house (110m2) we expect to spend 2/3 days on the roof at ground level, when the panels arrive on day 3 a crane lifts the panels in place and sits the roof on top. A fast installation reduces time spend on site and keeps the site free from clutter.

Material Choice

At Timber Kit Scotland we promise always to use the best material available which is the reason why we import our timber from Scandinavia. Trees grow too fast in the UK, this is due to high rainfall and nutrient rich soils. Scandinavia has a dry cold climate which makes the timber grains tighter. This reduces shrinkage exponentially and will reduce the cracks on paint that will inevitably happen when home grown timber is used.


Our purpose built factory has the latest timber frame cutting technology and machinery. We have automated systems that ensure employee safety and accuracy. On site we build the roof on the ground to reduce the chance of injury from falling from heights. The wall panels are lifted in place on site via crane, our qualified banksman and experience kit erectors ensure the panels are installed safely without the need for back breaking labour intensive work. By using a crane panels can be made longer and all your walls are one piece rather than made from 3 or 4 separate panels.

Question you must ask a Timber Kit Supplier before selecting one of them.

We understand that for a lot of people selecting a timber kit supplier will be daunting. You may not know what to ask about, what you�re getting for your money exactly or know the general jargon of the industry. It can be intimidating and we are here to help. We enjoy addressing your concerns and our door is always open. Below are questions that you must always ask a timber kit supplier.

Where is your timber sourced from, what country was it grown in?

Imported Timber from cold dry regions such as Siberia, Scandinavia and the Baltics has more advantages as a building material than its home grown counterpart. Tight grains due to the lack of rainfall prevents the log from storing excess water and forming knots making it stronger. Home grown timber has a wider grain and is susceptible to shrinkage as the timber dries over a period of 1-2 years, this causes movement and can cause cracks on ceiling and walls. Kiln dried timber which is graded to BS4978 & EN14081 is essential as this guarantees you product quality.

Do you pre-manufacture your panels or do you build your panels on site?

Don't opt for the build on site approach. Being exposed to the elements for days at a time poses the risk of water seeping in to the timber. Generally on-site manufacture takes longer to make and the mess it leaves is reason enough to opt for the in house manufacture. Due to the time taken it will cost more labour, men lose efficiency as the day progresses so ultimately costs you.

What are you to trade?

When choosing a timber kit supplier it pays to opt for the company that has the most expertise in all trades and who can advise from a multiple trades point of view. Suppliers with expertise in all trades can foresee design implications and tweak design to contribute to the efficiency of other tradesmen who are scheduled to come on later. Companies who have experience in project managing and who have a portfolio of fully built developments will be more attractive than a company who is skilled solely in joinery for example.

Is your quotation fixed or is it day rates?

Never accept a quote on day rate basis, always opt for a fixed quote price! Fixed price ensures what you see on paper is what you get on site with no hidden costs. Should there be a non-productive day on site or in the factory then you don�t pay for the down time. A fixed price drives and motivates, a day rate does not.

How do you install the panels, do you physically stand them up or do you use cranes?

Physically standing panels takes longer as the panels have to be made small enough to manually move and workers tire as the day progresses. Always opt for crane lifted, crane lifted means that individual panels can be made longer and heavier as they don�t need to be manually moved. Crane lifting ensures that the kit is stood in one day.

Are you certified or a member of any quality control authority?

TRADA � The timber research and development association, implies that your supplier is part of an international membership organisation dedicated to inspiring and informing best practice design, specification and use of wood in the built environment and related fields.

Do you design your timber kits and can you provide engineer calculations?

It's best to opt for a company that can design the kit and engineer the kit themselves. If you request the full package then you expect the full package all under one roof with no third party to blame. All in one suppliers are more accountable.

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